Focus Volleyball Club operates on a strict budget in order to keep costs down for participants. Consequently, our budgets have little or no margin of profit. Our budgets are based on an anticipated number of athletes participating and committing to our program for the entire season.

Once an athlete commits to one of our teams or programs, it is assumed that the athlete will complete the season or term. As we are run primarily by volunteers and we have budgeted for little if any profit, if a player withdraws, we are not able to issue a refund because it would put the additional financial responsibility on the remaining team members. The money collected for fees when registering has already been spent or allocated for operational expenses including but not limited to gym and facility rentals, equipment, uniforms and gear, coaching expenses, event fees, and administrative expenses.

In the event that an athlete is injured or experiences an illness during a season (or the duration of a program) a refund cannot be issued for the reasons already explained. If an athlete is injured before the start of the club season or beginning of a program and would like to withdraw from the team or program, a refund may possibly be granted, providing that a suitable replacement can be found to fill the position. The athlete must apply for a refund with the Focus Executive. Each situation will be handled on an individual basis. The decisions of the Focus Executive refund are final.

For National Tournaments and out of town tournaments, travel costs for the coaches and tournament registration are shared between all team members. (in addition, depending on how travel is organized by the team coach or manager, some team expenses relating to travel and accommodations may also be shared i.e., sharing hotel room, sharing the cost of a car rental or bus). In the event, a player cannot attend, no shared team costs will be refunded to individual players (with the possible exception of air fare refund policies or in extenuating circumstances with will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.) Again, the withdrawal of an athlete cannot affect the financial situation of the other teammates.


In the event a program or season is cancelled due to reasons related to COVID-19 (and where the government, local or provincial health authorities, Volleyball BC or Focus Volleyball Club initiates a cancelation, a pro-rated refund for the recoverable costs only will be provided. (i.e., expenses for which the club is able to get a refund back, such as gym rentals).

Should a participant fail to comply with any of the terms of Focus Volleyball Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan Return to Play Protocol document or fail to adhere to government or provincial and local health authority protocols, it will result in the participant’s dismissal from the team or program with no refund.

VOLLEYBALL BC MEMBERSHIP FEE Volleyball BC collects membership fees (separate from club program registration fees) from all participants. This is paid directly to Volleyball BC through the SportLomo platform. Volleyball BC does not provide refunds on their membership fees.