We discovered a nice article about building confidence in sports by Jim Taylor Ph.D. Author of “The Power of Prime“.

Prime confidence keeps you positive, motivated, intense, focused, and emotionally in control when you need it most. With prime confidence, you’re able to stay confident even when you’re not performing well (it happens to even the best athletes periodically).

Ultimately, prime confidence enables you to perform at your highest level consistently.

Five Keys to Prime Confidence

1. Preparation breeds confidence
When you have practiced well and make countless successful repetitions in practice, you will gain confidence you are able to repeat those skills in the match also.

2. Mental skills reinforce confidence
Practice self-talk, use body language, etc to gain confidence.

3. Adversity ingrains confidence.
Practice under challenging conditioning – when you are tired or there is windy while playing outdoors. Try to see those conditions as a challenge, which give you motivation instead of anxiety.

4. Support bolsters confidence.
Have people around you who support and encourage you in the times of adversity. There will be times when things are not going so well.

5. Success validates confidence.
Success builds your confidence. This doesn’t necessarily mean winning in competitions.  You can create other kind of victories – learning new skills, learning to listen coaches, digging most balls in defensive drill, not committing errors in the serving drills, etc.

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